Stonycroft is a Member Equity Golf Club

Stonycroft offers two equity plans to applicants:
Option 1 - Full Equity Ownership
Applicants who pay the full initiation fee up-front, will be granted a full equity membership.

  • Initiation Fee – one-time payment of $5,000
Option 2 – Amortized Equity Ownership
Individuals under 40 years of age at the time of application can earn a full equity membership over a seven-year period.  Once a full equity member, voting privileges are earned.
  • Initiation Fee of $715 per Year over 7 years
  • Payment of a $480 Security Deposit which is credited after the full payment of Initiation Fee.
All applications for membership will need the signatures of two active members in good standing.

Member Dues & Fees
  • Monthly Dues of $275
  • Annual Food Service minimum of $340
  • Other miscellaneous fees for driving range, lockers and pro shop merchandise

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