Junior Golf

The Stonycroft Hills Club boasts a robust Junior Golf program. Programming is open to all children and grandchildren of Stonycroft Hills Club members.

Junior Golf begins in late June and culminates in late July/early August. Instruction begins with the basics using the PGA system (posture, grip and alignment) followed by learning the rules of the game as well as proper etiquette. Many programs hit on all of the basics and rules of the course, but lack the fun factor, our program always includes fun!

Junior Golfers always go on the course, have interactive games and prizes! The junior program has priority on the golf course for the six sessions on Friday mornings until noon. The Junior Club championship takes place on the final session with an award banquet.

Parents are encouraged to participate and walk with a group of Junior Golfers at least one time throughout the program. Please contact the golf shop at 248-647-1294 for more details.

Junior golf participants with golf pro