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If you’ve been invited to play at Stonycroft you should familiarize yourself with our dress code. (Of
course, if you need anything to wear our Golf Shop can accommodate.)

Appropriate attire must be worn in the Clubhouse, on the golf course and driving range at all times. Golf
fashion changes yearly. Look to merchandise in the Golf Shop or ask the Golf Professional to determine
proper dress.

1. In general, attire should follow the PGA and LPGA dress policies.

2. Men’s shirts must have sleeves and a collar. Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are permissible.

3. Women’s sleeveless tops must have a collar. Collarless tops must have sleeves.

4. Men's Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times.

5. No blue jean denim pants are allowed at the Club, except for three specific purposes:

. Picking up clubs from the Golf Shop,
. Making a payment of a Club bill in person to the Clubhouse business office,
. Participation in the annual “Planting Day” event each spring.

6. No mini-skirts, cut-offs, tee shirts, muscle shirts, short shorts, tennis apparel, tank tops, jumpsuits,
running attire.

Blue denim skirts and tops, however, are allowed. Denim pants, skirts, and tops, of all other colors and 
design, are also allowed.

7. Hats may not be worn backwards, sideways or cocked, and may not be worn at anytime in the dining