Stonycroft Hills Club

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Membership (2018)

 SECTION I: The Costs

 Q: What is the Initiation Fee to join SHC?

A: The Initiation Fee is $4,000. 

 Q: Do you offer different payment plans for the Initiation Fee?

A: Yes, we have three options:

  • Option 1 entitles the member to obtain full equity ownership (Including Immediate Member Voting Rights) with a one-time payment of $4,000.
  • Option 2 allows those under 40 years of age to amortize the Fee over seven years ($575 per year) with a $480 security deposit.

 Q: How affordable is being a member?

A: Very!  The total mandatory costs for a full golfing membership are less than $3,500.00 on an annual basis.  This fully covers a golf range fee, a GAM handicap and membership fee for golfers, a Mill River Program discount fee to obtain very substantial discounts in the Pro-Shop, and an annual food minimum towards food charges. These and some optional costs are described in more detail below.

 Q: What are the monthly dues?

A: $240 per month (12 months) for golfers.  This entitles your whole family, including children under age 24, to play unlimited golf. For those who elect to have a Social Membership, the monthly fee is just $55.

 Q: What is the detail on the other mandatory costs?

A: We have a very reasonable annual food minimum of $340 which is applied to your food purchases.  In addition, there is a $95 annual fee for the Mill River Program enabling members to purchase items in the Golf Shop at a substantial discount; a $35 annual golf range fee covering your family and guests; and a $24 annual Golf Association of Michigan Fee for your handicap and GAM membership per active golfing member.

 Q:  Are there other costs that are not required?

A:  Yes.  There’s a $90 annual charge for members who choose to store their clubs at the club.  There’s also a $25 annual fee for each locker.

 Q: What are the guest green fees? 

A:$20 for 9 Holes weekdays; $25 for 9 Holes Saturday/Sunday.

 Q:  Are carts available for rent?

A:  Yes.  Stonycroft is easily walkable and walking is permitted anytime, but we have motorized carts available for a cost of $10 per 9 holes.  Pull carts are also available at a cost of $4 per day, although you are free to bring your own.

 Q: Do you have golf clubs for rent?

A: No, but typically the pro shop can pull together a set at no charge.

 Q: Can I store my clubs thru the season?

A: Yes, subject to availability. We currently have limited space for 150 bags.


 Q:  When is the course open for play?

A:  The “active” golf season is officially April 1 – November 1. But if the flags are in you can play. 

 Q:  What time is the course open for play?

A:  The club is officially open 8:00 am to dusk on Weekdays, 7:30 on Weekends.

 Q:  How far in advance can tee times be booked?

A:  2 days ahead of time.

 Q:  Is there are a dress code?

A:  Yes but not too demanding.  Like most private golf clubs, the key is no denim nor tank tops.  The Stonycroft Green Book has a few more details.

 Q:  Does Stonycroft offer golf lessons?

A:  Yes.  Our pros offer lessons April – November at the course.  The cost typically is $45 ½ hour session.

 Q: Can members rent the clubhouse for special events such as a baby shower or graduation party?

A: Yes.  At $5 per person with a $150 minimum and a $250 maximum for upstairs and the main floor for use.  If you are interested, our Club Manager will let you know the request procedure and other obligations associated with the rental.

 Q:  Can I host a Golf Outing on the Golf Course.

A:  Yes. Our Club Manager and Golf Pro can fill you in the details.

 SECTION III: The Amenities

 Q:  What food service is available?

A: Stonycroft has partnered with Sterling Services for our food service needs. We offer Lunch from May through Labor Day. Lunch is served from 11:00 – 3:00 Tuesday thru Sunday.  We also have offer special events such as Friday evening BBQ’s on the Patio (Memorial Day thru Labor Day) along with selected Special Dinner Evenings and other offerings throughout the season. 

Q:  Do you have any reciprocal agreements with other clubs in the area?

A:  No. Not at this time.

 SECTION IV: The Activities

Q:  Is there a golf league for both men and women?

A:  Yes.  Sign-up is with the Golf Pro.

 Q:  What other golf events are there for members?

A:  We have monthly events run by the Golf Pro in the Golf Shop.

 Q:  What activities do you have for children?

A:   Junior Golf is available for children and, better than most other private clubs, grandchildren too!

 Q:  What social events are on the calendar?

A:  The Social Committee has 30 events planned for 2018.


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