Club Rentals

Permission to rent the clubhouse will be granted on days that do not interfere with normal club activities,
and is restricted to:

1. Members and their immediate families for social or charitable events.

2. Board approved meetings of organizations in which members are connected, and present during the
entire event.

3. Member must timely execute a written contract.

Rental Fee - $5.00 per person with $150.00 minimum and $250.00 maximum.

The following restrictions exist for rentals:

4. Smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse or Pro Shop.

5. Capacity of the Clubhouse is:
120 for dinner style seating
120 for auditorium style seating
250 standing

6. Neither guests nor members of the club will be permitted in the kitchen during any event.

7. All food and/or beverages to be served must be contracted directly with the caterer.

8. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold on club property. Any alcoholic beverages served must be
provided to the caterer by the event sponsor. The caterer will charge a corkage fee for serving these
beverages. All beverages and containers must be removed from Stonycroft property immediately
following the event.

9. Parking will be restricted in such a way as to provide maximum convenience for the outside guests,
while not restricting emergency vehicles and inconveniencing the normal activities of members.
This could mean that off site parking for the vehicles of outside guests may be required.

10. The Club will not be responsible for any bills or debts incurred by the sponsor of the event.

11. A description of decorations for any event must be attached to the member's application for
Clubhouse use and must be approved by the House Committee prior to the event. No decoration of any
kind will be allowed to be attached to any Clubhouse walls.

12. No entertainment or other undue noise that could create any disturbance or create a distraction from
normal club activities will be permitted. (Rock Bands, etc.)

13. The sponsoring member of the event will be financially responsible for any damage done to club
property by guests attending the event. Furthermore, the sponsor will assume legal responsibility for
their guests during and following the event. The club will assume no responsibility for accidents
resulting from the consumption of alcohol by members or guests while on club property.