A Brief History
The original log cabin club house.

A Brief History

In 1928, Theodore McManus, a local corn farmer and golf
enthusiast, decided to design and build his own golf course on
his land. A few years later, he leased the layout to Ken Martin
who gave it public access.

In the early 50s, Inez Geitz assumed lease of the property from
John McManus, Ted's son, and eventually purchased the
property for $75,000. She married Don D'Onofrio, an assistant
pro at the Country Club of Detroit. They continued to run it as a
public course until 1958 when they made it private.

The D'Onofrios then sold it in 1960 to a group of members who
eventually became the club's shareholders. The log cabin was
replaced by the current clubhouse in 1991.
Stonycroft Hills Club is still a private entity run by its
membership and led by a Board of 9 Directors.